Bikram Yoga Hazel Dell
7409 NE Hazel Dell Avenue Vancouver, WA 98665 



The intention of Yin Yoga is to improve the health of the connective tissue, especially around the joints. To do this we apply gentle physical stress to the targeted area with controlled stretching. The poses are on the floor & are held up to five minutes in duration. Props can be used as needed. This class is appropriate for beginners and all levels of students on its own and as a nice complement to the Bikram class. YIN yoga is a quiet and relaxing class. It is done in a "not so hot" room. We begin class with a breathing exercise and end class with a restful meditation.

YIN Class Schedule:
Tuesday mornings at 8 am   (60 Minutes)
Wednesdays at 11:30 am     (75 Minutes)
Thursday Mornings at 8 am  (60 Minutes)
Sunday evenings at 6:15pm (75 Minutes)
Friday evenings at 6:15pm   (75 Minutes)

YIN classes are 60 minutes with a 5 minute Final rest and 75 minutes long including a 10 Minute Final rest. Your instructor may invite you to use essential oils during class. We play soothng music during these classes for you to enjoy. Please bring a yoga mat, blocks, cushions, or bolsters if you like as well, the studio also has props to share.

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