Bikram Yoga Hazel Dell
7409 NE Hazel Dell Avenue Vancouver, WA 98665 

About Our Studio


Who Can Practice Bikram Yoga?

Everyone is welcome here! If you're a beginner just starting out or have been practicing yoga for years, our 90 minute classes are designed for you. Our instructors make sure everyone gets the most benefit out of their practice. Again, no experience is required. Just bring your enthusiasm to do something good for yourself today. 

Where Is the Studio Located?

Bikram Hot Yoga Hazel Dell is the only Bikram affiliated studio in West Vancouver, Washington. We are located off I-5 at the HWY 99 exit, just minutes from I-205 and not far from Portland, Oregon.  

What Amenities Does the Studio Offer?

Bikram Yoga Hazel Dell is equipped with anti-microbial (anti-stink) flooring and a high-end Gas Heating system to minimize allergens. This studio was designed to give you the best opportunity to fit yoga into your schedule and your life, so we have seperate changing rooms for men and women with multiple showers and storage for belongings. After class you can relax in the lobby, enjoy a beverage, shop for Yoga inspired retail items, and meet new yoga friends.

Are Yoga Instructors Certified?

All of Bikram Yoga Hazel Dell's instructors are Bikram-certified, boasting over 50 years cumulative experience teaching and practicing Bikram’s beginning yoga class. We are committed to bringing you the best yoga experience possible. 
Most importantly, this studio operates with integrity to assist you in reaching your individual goals. Our mission is to create a space where you can access and apply the yoga to your life for lasting positive change.


How Will Bikram Yoga Help Me?

We know this yoga can work wonders on your life because we have all done it! This Yoga is an inside out, bones to skin, head to toe transformation for your body. Whatever changes you would like to see if you life, Bikram Yoga will help you achieve your goals. Bikram Yoga can help with weight loss, pain management, increased flexibility, building strength, improved concentration, and healing chronic pain such as arthritis, joint aches, knee injuries, back problems and more. 

You can tell by the types of shoes at our front door, all walks of life are welcome here! Join us today!