Bikram Yoga Hazel Dell
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Check out Kendra and Scott in a full expression of a back bend.

Back Bending is so good for us.  It can be kind of intimidating so here's how to do it without feeling scared.  Start with your Feet firmly together.  Arms over head with a firm grip. 

Inhale and drop your head back. Release your neck and look for the floor behind you.  

Inhale and reach your arms back. Try to touch the wall with your finger-tips.

Keep your lower body engaged. Gluts engaged.( *Squeeze yer butt).

Feel your total back, backward bending.

In the beginning this may be as far as you can go and that is OK! 

Keep your breath moving and your eyes open.

It will happen over time and you will feel the strength build in your back muscles and an opening in the front of the body too.

To go further...  Lift the chest and reach back, lift and reach. 

Kendra does this in the video.  It looks like she might come out, and then she goes for it, she is able to drop back further and access more of her flexibility.

Notice the stomach, hips, and thighs, push forward to keep a lovely counter-balance.

Healthy Spine: Healthy Life.