Bikram Yoga Hazel Dell
7409 NE Hazel Dell Avenue Vancouver, WA 98665 

A Note from Bikram Yoga Hazel Dell's Founder



May 3, 2013


This studio is a product of the hard work and inspiration of so many people and I want to say Thank You!


For the dreamers who encouraged me to imagine a place, a way to bring the yoga that I live by and love to new people, Thank you. For the cheerleaders, who cheered, Thank You. For the supporters who offered to lend a hand whenever I needed one or two or many, Thank You. For the Experts and Technicians, who did their jobs diligently and with integrity, Thank You. For the Coaches, business and software and life and soul seeking, who guided and still guide me through this new experience, Thank You.


For my family who are the most enthusiastic people I have ever come across for this yoga, who still do not practice it, I know they believe in me.  Thank You. For the Teachers of this Yoga, who come everyday to create the space for us to do our own work on our Mat, Thank You, you are the most selfless of individuals and I am honored. To the students of past and present and future, you are also my teacher in so many ways, Thank You for coming Boldly and Open and Willing to step into this Hot Room and Take action.


Thank You, Thank you, Thank you!