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What to Expect During Your First Bikram Hot Yoga Class

What If I've Never Done Yoga Before? 

No problem. Don't worry if you're not naturally flexible. These postures are gentle to the newcomer and challenging for the experienced practitioner. An instructor will guide you through each posture, and we encourage you to do what you can and sit down when you need a break. You are always in control of how far you go and how hard you push yourself. 

Pace yourself for the 90-minute class. Take as many breaks as you need by holding still or sitting down during the posture. Breathe in and out through your nose. This lowers your heart rate and calms your nervous system. Sweat is your body's way of cooling you down: Allow it to happen. Avoid wiping the sweat as it reduces your ability to cool down naturally. Please stay in the room during class. Leaving the room is disruptive to others, and staying in the room is the best way for your body to acclimate while getting the full benefits of the practice. It is not uncommon to feel dizzy and nauseous in your first couple of classes. If you feel this way, it helps to focus on your breathing and practice letting nothing steal your peace.

How is Yoga Different From Other Forms of Exercise?

Yoga is more than just physical exercise. Through the steadying of the mind within the practice, we learn quite a lot about ourselves, our attachments and our avoidances. With practice, we begin to let go of negative mental patterns and self-imposed limitations that may prevent us from feeling connected to the present.

Why Is Bikram Yoga Practiced in a Hot Room?

Bikram Yoga is traditionally practiced in a room heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit and 40% humidity. The heat allows the body to cleanse, detoxify, and heal by stimulating the circulatory system. Heat also makes your body more malleable so you can stretch safely into postures. It helps you increase your heart rate for a better cardio workout, improve strength by putting muscle tissue in its optimal state, and softens collagen around the joints for better freedom of movement. It generally takes about 3-5 classes to acclimate to the heat so don't worry if you feel overwhelmed by the heat during your first class. We've all been there. 

What Should I Wear to Bikram Yoga Class?

Men are usually comfortable wearing gym shorts, t-shirts are optional. Women usually wear athletic shorts and a sports top. Loose-fitting clothing and long pants tend to be uncomfortable in the heat. This yoga is practiced barefoot. 

What Should I Bring to Bikram Yoga Class?

A positive attitude. A yoga mat and a towel, if you have one. Your can also rent a mat and towel from us for a small fee. Water is optional but recommended, especially during your first few classes. Please bring only a mat, towel and water into the Hot Room. Storage is provided in the changing rooms for your other belongings. No cell phones in the room. This is 90 minutes for you; the world can wait. Electronic pagers are allowed for emergency personnel, but please notify your instructor ahead of time.There are complimentary showers in the changing rooms, and you might want to bring a change of clothes...we promise you will get sweaty! 

How Should I Prepare for Bikram Yoga class?

Come well hydrated, 64-80 oz. of water a day is recommended. Drinking lots of water directly prior to class usually results in just having to go. Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach, and we suggest not eating a couple hours prior to class. But everyone is different so it may take a couple of classes to know what works best for you.

Can I Register For Classes Online? 

Yes, please feel free to set-up an Account Form from our Home Page. You can agree to the waiver and register online before coming to the studio.

When Should I Arrive for Class?

Studio doors open 30 minutes prior to each class and 15 minutes prior to the 6 am. Doors close promptly when class begins and classes are 90 minutes. Class starts on time and ends on time. Please come at least 15 minutes early to your first class. This will give us time to meet you and give you time to settle in. 

What Should I Do When I Enter the Hot Room?

Lay down your yoga mat and towel in the room over one of the lines on the floor; lines are there to help with your Alignment during class. Put your full-size towel over your mat. Try to set up so you can see yourself in the mirror. Make room for your fellow practitioners. Switch it up! Try new locations in the room.

Should I Drink Water During Bikram Yoga Class?

You will have a water break (“Party Time”) about 25 minutes into class. Avoid drinking water during the first 3 postures. You are working on warming up your body and cold water slows down this process. You want to drink water as little as possible during class to avoid feeling full, but after the first 3 postures feel free to drink water as needed, preferable between postures to avoid distracting other students.  

What Will Bikram Yoga Class Be Like?

An instructor will verbally guide you through 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. You may choose to take a break on your Mat as needed. Your only goal in your first few classes is to stay in the room so you can get used to the practice and the heat. The first couple of classes can be tough, but you will be surprised at how quickly you acclimate and feel the benefits. After you first class make plans to come back as soon as you can!  


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